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ADHD and the Benefits of Reading

It is a common belief that smart devices such as the Iphone and Ipad have caused the younger generation to stop reading long books. This not only results in poor analysis skills but in the long-term can lead to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Dr. Sarinporn reveals that the reason younger generation is no longer reading books has more to do with concentration rather than ‘smart devices’.

If we engage in mental activity or brain exercises such as reading and puzzles the chances of developing problems with memory are largely decreased. However, an individual who does not regularly engage in brain stimulating activities cannot expect to have a better memory than one that does. This does not mean that they have a worse memory; however their cognitive prowess will be relatively lower when compared with a person who engages in regular mental exercises.

Today, ADHD is becoming more prevalent due to a rise in stress levels at all ages. It seems that with the rise of technology life moves at a faster pace,people want things now, and this effect can be seen in the younger generation. Some patients visit concerned about memory loss, however after running tests it was revealed that the condition was in fact ADHD, which is treatable through psychotherapy and raising concentration levels.Interestingly, there are currently numerous studies on the positive effects of meditation; the international medical community has found that meditation has a positive function on cognitive function.

To prevent ADHD in children it is suggested that time spent playing video games be limited. If games are allowed then they should be educational or interactive. For adults, meditation can be an effective method as i can help
to increase concentration, organize thoughts, and alleviate headaches.Growing interest from the international community is a testament to the benefits of meditation.