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BDMS Medevac Center


WHAT IS BDMS Medevac Center

is ready 24 hours a day, in Thailand and neighbouring countries. Multilingual operators stand by to coordinate with a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals to provide immediate attention for patients in critical condition through whatever means necessary. We are ready to provide emergency evacuation by land, sea, or air and coordinate in real-time with the nearest suitable medical facilities to ensure the best possible response for the patient.

BDMS Medevac Center … READY AND FAST.

  1. BES: BDMS Emergency Services
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Inter-facility transfer of patients
    • Medical Escort
  2. Contact 3rd Party Payer as needed
    Communicate and coordinate about medical need, coverage and costs with

    • Health and Travel insurance payers.
    • Corporate contract payers companies.
    • Foreign government organizations.
  3. Tele Medicine

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

BDMS Medevac Center handles emergency calls throughout Thailand and neighboring countries. These calls are responded to by medical evacuation and repatriation professionals selected from the BDMS hospital network’s Emergency/CCU teams. All team members have completed special training in aviation medicine and aeromedical transport. These doctors and nurses are highly experienced in ALS, cardiology, pediatrics and neonatology. Our ambulance drivers are EMT B-qualified.

Comprehensive Modes Of Transportation

Emergency evacuation by air, land or sea will be dispatched as appropriate using our dedicated CAMTS*- accredited ambulance fleet, which consists of:

Each Ground And Air Ambulance Can Be Configured With

and the strictest infection control procedures in ALS, BLS and Special-Care ambulances. Ground ambulance departure is guaranteed within two minutes. Timely and effective patient case management is ensured via our integrated digital and patient tracking system.

BDMS Medevac Center is fully equipped to facilitate long-haul air repatriation worldwide, and our doctors and nurses are trained to provide the highest level of care in these circumstances, in addition to their specific expertise. To date BDMS Medevac Center has conducted repatriation missions to Australia, Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

*Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems

Medical Evacuation Using a portable isolation chamber with negative pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic

BDMS Medevac Center is ready as the first private hospital in Thailand to provide prompt helicopter emergency medical evacuation services (SKY ICU) for confirmed or highly suspected COVID-19 patients using a portable isolation chamber with negative pressure. Taking the COVID-19 pandemic into consideration, an international standard of airborne precautions, including a full personal protective equipment (PPE) has been strictly complied with. Patients can rest assured that our medical evacuation conducted by highly experienced and well-trained flight physicians, registered nurses, flight coordinators and aviation specialists can be reached anytime whenever needed.

Abiding by a strict safety policy in medical aviation, patients undergoing air evacuation as their life-saving option will be transferred by using portable isolation chamber with negative pressure and closely managed under medical supervision of our certified aviation team despite the complexity of COVID-19 restrictions. Once touched down, ground evacuations including ambulances and mobile ICU will be a readily prepared mode for transporting the patients to designated hospitals. Supported by advanced medical evacuation technology and emergency medical equipment, all modes of transportation including land, sea and air can be readily activated. These include:


Amidst the crisis of COVID-19 which has brought about devastating effects on people’s health across the world, the standard safety protocol of an airborne medical evacuation for confirmed COVID-19 patients or patients with high risk of COVID-19 infections has been thoroughly emphasized, ensuring the highest degree of safety while preventing disease transmission. A portable isolation chamber with negative pressure has been developed by BDMS Medevac Center, aiming to enhance the safety levels while evacuating patients with airborne diseases. Aside from COVID-19 patients, our medical evacuation using portable isolation chamber with negative pressure also applies to evacuate patients with active tuberculosis (TB) and other airborne diseases under the permission issued by Infection Control Department, Bangkok Hospital Headquarters, Department of Disease Control, Thai Ministry of Public Health and The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).


BDMS Medevac Center is ready to provide emergency medical evacuation services round-the-clock for patients with all emergencies, including COVID-19 infections. Not only in Thailand, but our services have been also extended to neighboring countries. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that patients will be properly and quickly transferred to the nearest hospitals to receive a timely emergency care under close supervision of highly experienced and certified aviation team throughout the flights.