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Health Check To Care For Your Health And Heart At Any Age

The secret to longevity is not only about eating the right food, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly, but health check is also integral to the process. It will help you prevent health problems, keep you in good shape, and regenerate your body at any age.

How Health Checkup Prevent Diseases

A comprehensive health checkup, both physical and mental health including lifestyle assessment will not only examine your health but help develop a care plan to specifically prevent sickness. Especially when the symptoms do not show, an annual health checkup is very important in detecting abnormalities by screening for silent danger that you may not have been aware of. Thus, you can become aware of your condition before it is too late.

How Health Check Takes Care Of Sickness

If you have a chronic condition, an annual health checkup will help you keep it at bay by regularly visiting your doctor and following their advice. It will help reduce the severity from the affect condition and increase the chance of a cure, while decrease complications as well as allow for close follow-up, particularly in patients who have risky lifestyle, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating high-fat diet, lacking exercise, stress, etc.

How Health Check Rehabilitate Your Body

For patients who have just recovered from an illness, a regular health checkup can help plan long-term care for your health to rehabilitate the body back to strength. In-depth health checkup may be recommended by the physician for certain people, such as cancer patients or heart patients to help you regain your livelihood. Not only will health checkups help you know your body’s health, but doctors may recommend lifestyle adjustments to suit each patient’s individual needs.


How To Plan Health Checkup Through The Years

  1. Pre-Check Up. During each stage of your life, certain health screening tests will be recommended to assess your risk. If there is a risk of certain health conditions, a suitable care plan can be implemented to handle the situation. An annual health checkup should not be ignored.
  2. Check Up. anype of checkup that fits your lifestyle so that it will be more meaningful and specific for each individual needs, such as an obese patient should be assessed for risk of diabetes and cancer in addition to regular checkup program, while someone who consumes alcohol regularly should receive additional liver function test.
  3. Post-Check Up. After your health assessment, your doctor may recommend lifestyle modification so that you can live a healthier life. Additional follow-up appointments will help prevent serious conditions in the future. For example, someone with high blood cholesterol will be advised to control their diet, exercise regularly, or eat as per doctor’s recommendations and return for additional assessment.

How to Prepare for A Health Check

Age-Based Health Check

Health checks can be performed from newborns to adults, but most will start from 20 years old or older. Each age group will have their own health risks. As we age, the risks become higher, and more tests are necessary. For example, women over 30 years old should get cervical cancer screening test, while women over 40 years old should get breast cancer screening test. Men over 50 years old should receive prostate cancer screening test and both men and women over 40 years old should get abdominal ultrasound to determine internal organ function. Likewise, menopausal women should get bone density assessment.

In addition, each person can also get health checks that are related to their lifestyle behavior to prevent future health conditions. For example, people who like high-fat diet should regularly get tested for blood cholesterol level. Elderly patients tend to have degenerative conditions and should perform regular self-exam. Should any abnormality is suspected, please consult your physician immediately.

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