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Get Fit With VO2 Max

What Is VO2 MAX?

VO2 Max is the matrix that indicates your physical performance.  It is widely used as a tool in Sports Medicine.  It measures the maximum amount of oxygen intake that your blood conveys to your muscles so your body can use it efficiently.   

Theoretically, people who have higher volume of VO2 Max will have the ability to perform aerobic exercises better than others.  Therefore, VO2 Max matrix is an indicator of your physical fitness level.  Athletes are more likely to be fitter and can exercise for longer periods.  

VO2 Max matrix depends on age, gender, level of exercise and cardiovascular conditions, as well as heredity.  Normally, people ages between 15 – 35 will have the highest indicators, but these will decline as the age increases.  Athletes who have low volume of VO2 Max have less ability to pumps oxygen into the bloodstream, resulting in more deposit of lactic acid which causes muscles ache and tiredness. Therefore, athletes with low volume of VO2 Max will produce lactic acid faster and get tired quicker than those with higher VO2 Max while performing the same level of exercise.

How To Measure VO2 Max

During the test, you will wear special equipment while running on a treadmill so your oxygen intake can be measured.  The treadmill is programmed to increase its speed and angle of slope until you are exhausted and can no longer continue with the exercise.  At this point, the volume of your oxygen intake will be measured. 

Benefits Of VO2 MAX

Results of the VO2 Max matrix will be used to formulate a proper exercise program for you, to help increase your physical fitness.