The signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between Bangkok Hospital and Skymed Asia Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Skymed Vietnam) recently took place at the headquarters of Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

Content of the signing

Bangkok Hospital has appointed Skymed Vietnam as the exclusive representative in the Vietnamese market. Skymed Vietnam will be in charge of advertising, promotion, and providing information related to Bangkok Hospital’s services to potential customers in Vietnam on all platforms from in-person to online. . At the same time, Skymed Vietnam will also be the unit supporting information connection activities between Bangkok Hospital and customers in need in Vietnam. The cooperation between the two units aims to optimize customer benefits by completely eliminating costs arising outside of treatment, maximizing the multi-channel platform for customers to reach directly, Helps customers easily obtain information and contact them when they need to learn about or receive treatment at Bangkok Hospital.

Information about Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok Hospital was established in 1972 and was one of the first private hospitals in Thailand. Bangkok Hospital’s services and treatment procedures have all been internationally certified by Joint Commission International (JCI), one of the largest and most prestigious accreditation agencies in healthcare. Bangkok Hospital currently welcomes nearly 1 million medical examinations each year, including about 230,000 patients from more than 160 countries. In particular, Bangkok Hospital is the first International Hospital in ASEAN to have Vietnamese language on its website ( and official hospital communication channels along with a team of specialized Vietnamese interpreters. Karma. Therefore, customers can easily access service information as well as receive direct advice from Bangkok Hospital’s team of experts through online health consultation programs (Telemedicine).