This March, Bangkok International Hospital is applying two attractive special promotions for Vietnamese customers. Health care service packages with extremely surprising prices will be revealed below!

Healthy Family Expo 2024 event         

From March 23, 2024 to April 7, 2024, the Healthy Family Expo 2024 event (Healthy Family Expo 2024) will be organized by Bangkok International Hospital. During this special event in March, customers will have the opportunity to chat and consult with leading experts at Bangkok Hospital. In particular, there are more than 30 medical examination and care service packages with preferential prices of up to 70%.

The health care packages promoted at Bangkok International Hospital not only have good prices but are also very diverse, meeting the health care and treatment needs of most customers from 30 years old to over 60 years old. From only 690,000 VND, customers can experience medical examination and care services from one of the most advanced medical centers in Asia.

Conditions for applying preferential prices during the Healthy Family Expo 2024 event at Bangkok Hospital:

Healthy Family Expo 2024 event takes place at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily (March 23, 2024 – April 7 /2024).

Discount coupon is valid from March 23, 2024 to July 31, 2024.

Lasik Promotion Program

The next promotion in March that loyal customers of Bangkok International Hospital should not miss is the Promotion Program for Lasik eye surgery service packages. This is one of the extremely attractive offers that Bangkok International Hospital does not often apply. From January 30, 2024 to June 30, 2024, by spending only about 60 to 67 million VND, customers can safely and effectively improve their vision and eye health. . Promotion will apply to all 4 packages including:

1. ReLEx SMILE (for both eyes)

This is a refractive surgery technology that uses a Femtosecond Laser to separate the cornea into 3 layers, automatically separating the tissue layer between; Through a very small incision (2mm) at the edge of the cornea, pull out the separated tissue core.

2. FemtoLASIK (for both eyes)

This is a refractive surgery method that uses lasers to treat myopia. FemtoLASIK is popular due to its high safety and superiority.

3. FemtoLASIK PRESBYOND (for both eyes)

This is one of the optimal methods used to correct eye conditions such as: nearsightedness, farsightedness and especially presbyopia.

4. ICL (for 1 eye)

ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) is a type of microscopic intraocular lens, made of special collamer. The lens is made up of an outer layer of collagen and an inner layer of polymer, so it is highly biologically compatible with the human body. This type of lens is also particularly flexible and transparent, while being thin (about more than 100 microns) and highly durable.

About Bangkok International Hospital  

Bangkok International Hospital is proud to be one of the largest private hospital groups in Thailand. We can provide customers with a full range of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services. The leading experts in the field and the staff and doctors at Bangkok Hospital have all received very high evaluations for their treatment expertise and customer care and support attitude.

In particular, the services and treatment processes here have been internationally certified by Joint Commission International (JCI) – one of the largest and most prestigious accreditation agencies in the world for health care. In the past year, Bangkok Hospital has now welcomed nearly 1 million cases requiring examination, including about 230 thousand patients from more than 160 countries. Bangkok Hospital is also the most advanced (Premium) hospital in Bangkok.

Information box:

To learn more about the service package, please contact the exclusive partner of Bangkok Hospital in Vietnam – Skymed Asia Vietnam Company Limited.

Address: L17-11, 17th floor, Vincom Center Building, 72 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Hotline: 0898468189